Finding out

I walked through bitterly cold winds and rain to find out more about searching for a subject to research during the Citizen Curators course. Duncan suggested I go to the shelves full of Zodiac magazines from the early 1900s until the college closed.

The college reopened in Porthcurno in July 1950 so I started looking through the 1950s and some 1951 magazines. They were full of news about Cable and Wireless employees working all over the world. There were also listings of Births, Marriages and Deaths. I was curious about the cause of death as there were many very young deaths recorded but few causes mentioned. I noted that one died ‘after an operation’ and another was a ‘sudden death’.

I’d been told previously that there were some medical records available in the archives. These are very sensitive documents since the people they refer to may have relatives living. They warned me I must act with utmost discretion and on no account should I should not mention any names if I use any of the information in these documents in my research project. I’m looking forward to discovering these documents when I go to the museum again next week.

On a lighter note, several adverts extolling the advantages of biscuits amused me!

Biscuits are good for you


Biscuits are good for you

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Doctor for 30 years then turned Life Coach for Doctors for 15 years. Now an ‚Äčauthor of books, eBooks and Audiobooks for Doctors and others.

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