Meeting at Penlee Coach House

The session today -December 2, 2019), was in a cold Penlee Coach house. Keeping warm by hugging a cup of tea, it amazed me at the progress that some Citizen Curators had made in investigating their project. After several sessions thumbing through copies of Zodiac magazines without finding out much about what I was interested in I concluded that I need to define something associated

Finding out about exhibitions and what we liked about them

with objects and or photographs. At the moment this seems like a massive challenge. I’ve noticed in the magazines that there are listings of births marriages and deaths that there seem to be many very young deaths with no reason given for these.  Objects? On Wednesday I’ll search for medical equipment in the catalogue.

The session was a lot about communication and how museums communicate with visitors. Is there a two-way communication? Objects that aren’t labelled may communicate memories. How could museums communicate more effectively? Sometimes they can do so more if away from a museum building: perhaps via social media, exhibitions and events in places away from the museum building may engage with more people.

Published by Susan Kersley

Doctor for 30 years then turned Life Coach for Doctors for 15 years. Now an ​author of books, eBooks and Audiobooks for Doctors and others.

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