Visiting Shelterbox

Unfortunately, because of either other commitments, this was the first of the optional visits I could go to. ShelterBox is a charity based in Cornwall that helps people in any part of the world where there has been a natural disaster such as flooding or earthquakes, or a war zone where a shelter box would help. The charity has a visitor centre in Truro and that is where the visit took place with other citizen curators.




It was interesting to visit a centre that is not a museum, yet wants to attract the public in. The displays were there to appeal to families and adults.


We played the game of filling. a box with all the contents sent to a disaster area. This includes tent, groundsheet, water bottle, warm blankets stove, cutlery, warm clothing, and tools.

It was interesting to hear how the displays are placed to guide people around the exhibition in a certain direction. After the game, there was a mock-up of a house hit by a tornado that brought the message home powerfully about the help offered by ShelterBox.

Published by Susan Kersley

Doctor for 30 years then turned Life Coach for Doctors for 15 years. Now an ​author of books, eBooks and Audiobooks for Doctors and others.

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