Out of the wilderness

Beginning to feel clearer about what to do for my short video. Yesterday Core session 5 was about the presentation of the project with special emphasis on video. This included storyboarding and having a catchy title. Not forgetting either that narration needs to be informative while catching the imagination of the viewer with humour too.Continue reading “Out of the wilderness”

Intriguing stories

Following leads and hearing stories about their time in Cable and Wireless. I’m gathering random information:  from the short questionnaire: https://www.surveymonkey.co.uk/r/JHZL3M7   and from Facebook, PK Remembered group. Now I’m mulling over how to present some of it in a short video. Gathering photos and experimenting with iMovie to make the video! Would love to browseContinue reading “Intriguing stories”

Thinking about communities

An interesting and thought-provoking session in Falmouth. We discussed what is a community; communities: those we belong to and the communities that Museums are for and those communities that are excluded from visiting Museums. We listed communities such as work-based sports, those with similar life experiences, and more. Then we discussed some who might beContinue reading “Thinking about communities”

Using facebook for information

I discovered a public group on Facebook called PK remembered. It’s a group for all those who were at Porthcurno(PK) for whatever reason during the Cable and Wireless Telecommunication P.K. College occupation. I contacted several people from the site via messenger with the following message: I found your name on Facebook and as you commentedContinue reading “Using facebook for information”

Feeling a bit more positive about the project

I searched Facebook and found a public group called PK Remembered and have contacted several of the people posting there. Some have already responded with names and memories of their time in Porthcurno.  So I’m feeling more hopeful now about the project. I’ve learned that there was a college nurse. There were many cases ofContinue reading “Feeling a bit more positive about the project”

Getting rather frustrated but some possibilities

I went into the Museum a few days ago and chatted with two other Citizen curators about a possible project and how to proceed. I feel as though I’ve reached a blank wall as far as my desired project to find out about the health and wellbeing of the students at the college in Porthcurno.Continue reading “Getting rather frustrated but some possibilities”

Seeking but not finding

I went to the Porthcurno Museum today to continue searching for information about the subjects that interest me., bearing in mind that there are only a few months left before the citizens’ curator scheme ends and as yet I haven’t decided what I’ll make a short video presentation about. I hadn’t got very far inContinue reading “Seeking but not finding”

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