Getting confused about what to concentrate on.

At the end of the citizen curator programme, I have to present something in as a video. So whatever I decide on will need to be something to present visually. It could be me giving a short talk or, preferably, narrating a series of photographs. I’m browsing through Zodiac but I’m puzzled about how toContinue reading “Getting confused about what to concentrate on.”

Searching for medical information

I continued looking through the 1950s Cable and Wireless magazine: There is usually a women’s page: extolling the virtues of making the small meat ration last for several days, or how to be more glamorous. Most issues of Zodiac advertise the value of biscuits. However, my quest this week was to explore medical records. IContinue reading “Searching for medical information”

Research and resources

The second session of the Citizen Curators programme was about discovering resources for research and how to use them. We met in the grand Council chamber in Falmouth. Tehmina Goskar reminded us about using open questions when researching our chosen topic.  We discussed how biased some information we discover might be,  even though people trustContinue reading “Research and resources”

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