Getting rather frustrated but some possibilities

I went into the Museum a few days ago and chatted with two other Citizen curators about a possible project and how to proceed. I feel as though I’ve reached a blank wall as far as my desired project to find out about the health and wellbeing of the students at the college in Porthcurno.

I looked for interesting articles so wondered about finding a few anecdotes in relation to health as my project.   Something that frustrates me is that I’m spending hours looking at the interesting but random text. For a video, I need images but not finding them. I asked Duncan what the process is for storing any information for my project, but he wasn’t very helpful. He suggested I note where the information is so I could go back to it. Then the question of audio: he said I need to write a script. I took some photos of articles on my phone.

This lady came with her husband from Fiji. She cooked delicious curries so soon cooked for many other students in Porthcurno who missed their native food.






This lady had a grant from the college for plastic surgery to repair her damaged nose a dog had bitten.







The other students and Mary, a former director of the Museum who was visiting that afternoon were all very helpful with suggestions about contacting some older volunteers and asking for stories of their time as students at the college.

Mary showed me a book ‘Voices Over the Horizon’ that she thought might be useful. It’s full of stories from people who were at the college at Porthcurno. Mary thought there were lots of copies  I would love to read it but was told I would have to read it when in the building and I am not allowed to borrow it to read at home. More frustration. I went back the next day but was again told that I could not take it home.

However, the museum shop is open tomorrow so I plan to buy it there.

There are so many interesting possibilities for research but the challenge is to home into a tiny aspect of the subject as there are only 3 months left and it is not research for a master’s degree.


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Doctor for 30 years then turned Life Coach for Doctors for 15 years. Now an ​author of books, eBooks and Audiobooks for Doctors and others.

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