Using facebook for information

I discovered a public group on Facebook called PK remembered. It’s a group for all those who were at Porthcurno(PK) for whatever reason during the Cable and Wireless Telecommunication P.K. College occupation.

I contacted several people from the site via messenger with the following message:

I found your name on Facebook and as you commented on a post in the  PK remembered Group. I wonder if you have some personal stories you would be willing to share?

Would you, or someone you could refer me to, help me with a project with which I’m involved.

I live in Porthcurno near the Telegraph Museum. A few months ago, I joined a 6 months’ programme based at the museum, called ‘citizen curators.’

This programme enables volunteers attached not only to Porthcurno but to several museums in Cornwall, to learn about museums and how they reflect life in Cornwall. By the end of the six months, we are expected to produce some information about the museum or local community and produce a short video about what we discover.

As a retired doctor, I am interested in the health and well-being and illnesses of the students who came to Porthcurno to study and of the people sent overseas to work for the company. However, there is very little information the archives about these things so I’m hoping to find a few people willing to share their experiences.

Can you help me? I’m interested in anecdotes and information such as:

  • what illnesses people had while they were students in Porthcurno?
  • who treated them?
  • What did people die from?
  • What advice did people travelling overseas receive about illness?
  • Anything else in relation to illness and medical services that you have heard about

If you or someone close to you was a student at the college in Porthcurno – please share a few memories!

I also added a survey on the group and 17 people responded.

Can you help by answering a few questions about your time at Porthcurno?

Published by Susan Kersley

Doctor for 30 years then turned Life Coach for Doctors for 15 years. Now an ​author of books, eBooks and Audiobooks for Doctors and others.

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